Hanscom Air Force Base

The Client

Established in 1942, Hanscom Air Force Base houses the 66th air base group garrison. Owned by the Department of Defense and controlled by the United States Air Force, this base is responsible for the cycle management of the Air Force weapons systems. This base support as well various groups that are related to the Department of Defense, like the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Massachusetts National Guard. Hanscom Air Force Base is located 20 miles northwest of Boston.

It is comprised of several different airfields, buildings and hangars that provide all types of support for their personnel. It also houses personnel and their families, and includes basic healthcare facilities, entertainment centers, and various civil and military administrative services.  APM Steam has been servicing Hanscom’s Airforce Base since 2012, providing them a comprehensive facility survey of their steam and heating systems. APM Steam prides itself in servicing different clients closely related to the Department of Defense, honoring their special accommodations and requirements.

The Steam System

During the process of inspecting the steam system at Hanscom Air Force Base, the APM team needs to enter over 65 manholes and vaults in order to test and document over 500 steam traps. In order to do this safely, APM trains every member of its field staff on confined space safety and we work with a local standby rescue team.

At APM, our field staff is well trained and takes every precaution to ensure we operate safely in confined spaces.

Service at DoD’s standards

The Hanscom Air Force Base has strict criteria for its vendors when it comes to having vetted staff into the facility, and completing projects within the specified hours of operations to avoid interfering with the work that takes place at the base. Our staff list is checked and provided with security clearance at the beginning of every phase of the project.

APM has been servicing annually the steam system in vaults and manholes since 2012, and on every inspection we verify the operation of every steam trap, pressure operated pumps, and note any piping failures. Every insolation valve in use is greased and exercised. Repairs are scheduled on the annual distribution shutdown of the steam system, so our team, along with the standby rescue team need to execute efficiently and without delays as the project has to be completed within the allotted time.

If your facility has specific requirements when it comes to providing access to the steam system, or if you have timing constraints when it comes to doing inspections and repairs, the team at APM can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick consultation or to request a quote.