heat exchanger survey
"For whatever the task may be, from heat exchangers to steam traps, it is without hesitation that I highly recommend APM."
Clem Beaulieu
Supervisor HVAC Plumbing & Engineering, South Shore Hospital (South Shore Health System)

Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing

Regular testing and maintenance of heat exchangers is crucial to efficient and trouble-free operations

Heat exchangers rely on transferring energy from one type of liquid or steam source to another kind of liquid source. This process involves maintaining effective heat transfer between the two sources. As a result, heat exchangers (HEXs) are highly susceptible to scale build-up from treated or untreated water.

In addition, these mineral deposits attach to the tube bundle surface, creating the following issues:

Most heat exchangers will leak undetected until the steam system experiences water hammer, an increase in failed traps and valves, or pressure/temperature issues. In most cases, these problems can be prevented through a regularly scheduled inspection, testing, and descaling program.

Our heat exchanger assessment and testing service includes:

  • The documentation of heat exchangers (tag #, location, type,
    manufacturer, model, application, etc.)
  • Identification and verification of the functionality of isolation valves and ports for cleaning.
  • Pressure testing to verify the integrity of the bundle.
  • A final report with assessment details.
  • A quote to clean each heat exchanger and/or any necessary repair costs.
  • Energy savings calculations with return-on-investment data to evaluate the business case for performing the cleaning.

To learn more about our heat exchanger assessment and testing services, please contact us, or visit our clients page to see examples of our work.