old steam manifold and valves
"APM has been…a trusted partner providing steam trap surveys, material procurement and rebate assistance that results in significant energy savings for our campus."
Zac Hess
Portfolio Energy & Sustainability Manager, JLL - Corporate Solutions - Xerox

Utility Rebates

To better serve our clients, APM has established relationships with utility companies to offer clients rebates and incentives for steam trap surveys and installations. We will facilitate the paperwork required to get the best possible incentive and process the applications for any project we are working on.

Utilities have annual energy savings goals and often offer incentives to customers in order to meet those goals.

Incentives vary by utility program and state, but some examples are:

  • Partial or complete reimbursement of steam trap survey costs if failed steam traps are subsequently repaired.
  • Significant reimbursements for repairs or trap replacements with quantifiable impact on energy savings.
  • Financial incentives for insulation projects.

APM can help you procure steam-related incentives.

Contact us to learn about what incentives might be available in your area and discover why we are the top steam trap survey vendor for several utility programs in the country.